Southside Junior High Vendor List

In addition to the list below, also please see Central Office Vendor List

Vendor Name Summary of Business Data Elements Intended Use of Data  Legal Authority
Walsworth We work with this company to publish yearbooks Name 
Race Classes
Data will be sent to the company which in turn will be used to populate yearbook information and sent back to our school Title 28; Bulletin 741; §2303 D-E
 Lifetouch We work with this company to provide yearbook pictures  Name
 Data will be sent to company in turn will be used to populate yearbook information and sent back to our school  Title 28;
Bulletin 741;
§2303 D-E
 Louisiana Fundraising  We work with this company to fundraise money for our student's day to day educational experience  Name  Data will be sent to this company in turn for the products that were sold to be given out to particular students that participated  Title 28;
Bulletin 741
§2303 D-E
 FTW Innovations, Inc. We work with this company to give our students a tool to assist them in keyboarding  Name  Data will sent to this company to compile a student roster that allows students to log in.  Title 28;
Bulletin 741
§2303 D-

Contact information for inquiries about these agreements: Wes Partin 225-664-4221

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