Teachers Learning to Use STEAM Express To Teach Students and Parents

Teachers Learning to Use STEAM Express To Teach Students and Parents
Posted on 01/18/2019
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Teachers Learning to Use STEAM Express

To Teach Students and Parents


LIVINGSTON, La. –  More than 20 teachers from 12 schools across the parish recently gathered at the Livingston Parish Public Schools’ Central Office for more than two hours on a January afternoon to learn how to customize for their students the many learning activities and games that are available on the STEAM Express.


“This workshop is in high demand.  It’s the fifth one we’ve scheduled since rolling out our STEAM Express,” Instructional Technology Facilitator Nikki Lavergne said.  “And we’ve already scheduled another one at the end of the month.”


“Teachers are excited about the potential the STEAM Express brings with making learning more exciting and engaging, and more hands-on for our students and parents,” she said. 


The STEAM Express is a school bus that has been converted into a mobile classroom that is equipped with Wi-Fi, touch-screen monitors and laptops, and hands-on, interactive modules that are designed to help students creatively learn concepts in a variety of subject areas.  The flexible design allows educators to easily transition the bus set up from elementary-level activities to high school-level projects.


Lavergne said at least one person from each school must be fully trained in how to set up the equipment, how to program it and use it, and how to manage the learning time among the various activities, before that school can schedule the STEAM Express for a visit.


“The February calendar is full, and March is already getting crowded,” Lavergne said.  “Every school is scheduling the bus to come for day and evening activities.”  She noted that some community events also have been scheduled.


Lavergne said many schools are incorporating the STEAM Express in their regular math, science and literacy night events.  Teachers who have completed the district’s workshop are able to customize the learning activities for the focused subject and targeted age group of their choice.


“If it’s Literacy Night, then teachers can program the activities to focus on word games, spelling and vocabulary learning activities; if it’s Math Night or Science Night, then the activities might include coding or games associated with addition, subtraction or multiplication.”


Lavergne said the virtual reality equipment allows teachers to expand lessons in science, social studies and cultural learning activities.


“There are so many different options available to our teachers.  That’s what’s so exciting about the STEAM Express,” she said.  “It just makes learning fun and that’s always a positive thing!”


The STEAM Express schedule includes the following afternoon and evening appearances, which parents and community members are invited to attend:


1-22     Albany Middle School

1-26     Literacy and Technology Center (STEM Café- SELU)

2-5       Springfield Middle School

2-7       Eastside Elementary

2-11     Seventh Ward Elementary

2-18     Frost Elementary

2-21     Live Oak Elementary

2-25     Doyle High School

2-26     Doyle Elementary

2-28     Juban Parc Elementary

3-11     Southside Community Outreach (EASTOVER)

3-12     South Live Oak Elementary

3-14     Gray’s Creek Elementary

3-19     French Settlement Elementary School

3-21     Levi Milton Elementary

3-28     Freshwater Elementary School

3-30     Pre-K Registration @ Literacy and Technology Center

4-16     Live Oak Middle School
4-18     Lewis Vincent Elementary

Albany Middle School teachers Missy Dickerson, Donna Badon and Angela Baronet, who learned how to operate virtual reality glasses that are available on the STEAM Express during a workshop at the central office.

Teachers learn STEAM

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